Gunman wearing surgical mask leaves behind iPhone at Peachtree City store during robbery

Police say two armed robbers were taking advantage of the times by wearing surgical masks to hide their faces during a robbery at a Peachtree City convenience store. However, one of the men left behind a personal item that helped police identify him and spoil what could have been a perfect crime.  

Police say surveillance video shows the men inside the Pit Stop on Highway 74 in Peachtree City on March 28 at 9:30 p.m.

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Police say the men locked the door and pulled a handgun. Then they started ordering the clerk around, taking cash from the register and cigarettes, a lot of cigarettes, about $1,000 worth. 

The man holding the gun made a mistake. He set his iPhone on the counter and left it. From that unlocked phone, police say they were able to identify 17-year-old Jonqurious Kindel of Atlanta.  He apparently snapped a selfie just before the robbery in which police say he was wearing the same black surgical mask with a white star on it. 

Jonqurious Kindel, 17

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Police say Kindel was already wanted for armed robbery in metro Atlanta.  Peachtree City police have now taken out warrants as well. 

They are still trying to identify the second man who they say was there that night. 

If you have information that can help in the investigation call the Peachtree City Police Department.