Gun drawn while children were out for Halloween

An image has rattled buckhead residents. 

An argument turns into gunplay as one man pulls a gun on another. During the encounter, a third man is seen patting down the victim before the first shot is fired. 

Police got a 911 call as the scene was unfolding. The man who was cowering took a  bullet to the leg. 


Atlanta police say all three know one another. The violent encounter followed some sort of dispute at a nearby nail salon. This all took place in daylight. The men in separate vehicles left the scene in a hurry. In the vehicle the victim was in, there was an attempt to get him to a hospital. 

An APD officer was closely behind. At one point, when one of the vehicles turned onto rumson road, that vehicle jumped a curb. Fortunately, no children were hurt. 

Police were able to detain individuals, but so far there have been no arrests in the gunplay. 

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