'Collection' of explosives found by junk hauling company in Cobb County home

Grenades and explosives were found recently inside a Cobb County home. Firefighters, police, and the bomb squad raced to the home. Police say they found not one or two explosives, it was more like a collection.

A crew with Up Up and Away Junk Hauling was cleaning out the house when they made a startling discovery.

"They start finding things that looked like practice grenade launcher rounds, then they find ones that they're not sure if they're real or not, and in the next drawer there's a hand grenade and that's when they said oh my gosh we need to get out of here," said owner Taylor Chastain.

They called police and within minutes the fire departments, several patrol cars and the bomb squad pulled up.

"There were some hand grenades and other explosive devices as well. If it appears to be live, or possibly live, we're going to treat it as if it is," said Cobb County Police Sgt. Wayne Delk. 

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Cobb County Police say live ordinance dating back more than 50 years was found in a deceased veteran’s home. (Cobb County Police Department)

The home had belonged to a military veteran who had passed away. Police say inside they found several unexploded ordnance pieces dating back more than 50 years. 

"Come to find out these were possibly from the Korean War era," said Sgt. Delk. 

The crew from Up Up and Away Junk Hauling went back a few days later to finish the job and got another shock.

"We got about a half load through before we found another mortar and an ammunition can full of grenades," said Chastain.

Police came out again and picked up what they hope is the last of the explosives. 

"We see a lot of crazy stuff, we move almost two million pounds of junk a year, so we find a lot of stuff in these home clean outs, grenades is a brand new one. We're just excited nobody got hurt," said Chastain.