Great gifts for seniors who are hard to shop for

You say seniors are the hardest folks to buy for?  We say, “Nonsense.”

The simple to use Jitterbug Smart 2 from GreatCall features a new and improved menu, large screen, big buttons, and access to health and safety apps. Everything you want to do -- from texting and taking pictures to emailing and getting directions -- is at your fingertips, organized in a single list. You can even turn the Jitterbug Smart into a medical alert device.
$150 |

Never again will they wonder if they already took their medication.  Timer Cap tells you how long it’s been since the bottle’s been opened!  Automatically resets itself when the bottle is closed. Works with and without a child-resistant ring.  It’s also a perfect way to prevent someone from stealing your pills.
$20 |

The goal: To revolutionize the footwear industry in a way only inventors could. The belief: Shoe style shouldn't involve the burden of tying laces. The product: Kizik Shoes… where function meets fashion and hands-free technology is for your feet.
$180 |

Take a look at this slip, tip, and flip-resistant plate. The Stay N Eat Plate has a slightly sloped surface & side scoop wall to easily help put food onto utensils and minimize mealtime messes by sticking to a flat smooth surface.
$12 |

It's an all-in-one gift. No apps necessary and no Wi-Fi needed. The Tip N Split takes care of small print on a menu with a built-in magnifying lens. It solves a dark restaurant problem with an LED light and helps you calculate the bill in seconds.
$20 |

The PediPocket is the cure for cold feet. Each blanket features a special foot "pocket" to tuck in your feet. Relax after a long day or keep comfortable at a tailgate. Plus, 10 percent of profits from the PediPocket go towards Christian missions.
$60 |

Drawing from traditional European remedies, Georgette Klinger products are crafted to reverse damage and reveal your skin's inner glow. This skin care line nurtures your skin with fruits, vitamins, flowers, essential oils and herbs. It's the ultimate recipe for skin that's clean, healthy and beautiful.
$18 |

The Scosche Strikeline FLO Charge & Sync Streaming Light Cable is perfect for easy charging. Watch the light stream across the compact cable. Once your device is fully charged, the glow turns off. And a reversible connector ensures a perfect fit the first time, every time.
$14 |

No cords. No wires. No batteries. No water. No gels. No grains. It’s really no fuss neck pain relief! The Mijo Heat Neck Wrap is engineered to relax and ease pain, spasms, and stiffness with a moist heat solution. And check out the Moji Dual Therapy Massage Roller. It combines the benefits of traditional foam rolling with the comfort and relaxation of 30-minutes therapeutic heat.
$70 |

It's the ultimate photo viewing experience for loved ones. Nixplay Cloud frames eliminate the need for memory sticks or cards. They capture and display moments instantly. Just place the frame in your home and easily email or upload photos directly to it.
$149 |

AccuVoice AV203 uses digital algorithms to lift voices out of a soundtrack – and then uses hearing aid technology to make dialogue crystal clear. 6 settings allow users to tailor the sound to their individual needs.  Plus, the ZVOX Output Leveling system automatically tames loud commercials. Features remote with large, easy-to-read buttons and a sturdy, water-resistant structure.
$270.00 |

Take a look at this. It brings an ultramodern feel to the timeless process of boiling water. The Russell Hobbs glass electric kettle features blue LEDs that illuminate when water boils. Plus, it's lift-and-serve swivel base makes pick up and set down easy at any angle.  Enjoy freshly boiled water for tea, hot cocoa, oatmeal, or French press coffee.
$100 |

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