Grand Jury indicts reality TV star Todd Chrisley and his wife on bank fraud and tax evasion charges

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In 2014, the FOX 5 I-team reported on some financial dealings of a high profile Reality Show TV star -Todd Chrisley. A self-described millionaire in Roswell, Georgia, Chrisley is the star of the long-running cable show - Chrisley Knows Best.

Now, that one-time star has dimmed. Chrisley and his wife Julie are named in a 12 count federal indictment alleging bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion indictment.

Bjay Pak is the US Attorney in Atlanta.

"Just because you are rich and on a TV show does not mean the law is not going to come and get when you commit a federal crime," says Pak.

The charges did not come as a surprise to Jay Kirchoff.  In 2014, we reported how Kirchoff, had a knockdown drag-out fight with Chrisley over the lease-purchase of Kirchoff's Suwanee home.

According to Gwinnett County court records, Kirchoff ultimately asked a judge to evict Todd and Julie Chrisley because the "tenant fails to pay the rent which is now past due."  The unpaid rent:  $16,867 dollars.

The eviction notice was issued one month before the lavish Chrisley lifestyle was set to debut on TV.

"Yeah I was mad. I felt someone had taken advantage of me," said Kirchoff.

That was five years ago. Today, US Attorney BJay Pak says Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie made millions from that TV show, but then "concealed income" on their 2009 tax returns.

"That money was hidden from the IRS," said Pak.

The indictment also spells out five counts of bank fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. The indictment states Chrisley "submitted false documents" to banks and that an unnamed co-conspirator once created a fabricated bank statement showing that Chrisley had an investment account worth millions. Chrisley responded to the co-conspirator "you are a f@@@@@ genius [sic]!!!!!! Just make it show 4 mil+."

"The worst part is how long it went on," said Pak.

On his Instagram page, Chrisley blamed the indictment on "phony documents" given to the U.S. Attorney created by a disgruntled ex-employee Chrisley fired.

"The fact that he is publicly denying it so far, we look forward to the day to prove all this in court, we are very confident in the evidence. It doesn't matter if you are famous, and you have thousands, or millions of followers, the facts are the facts and if you did the crime we look forward to bringing you to justice," said Pak.

The grand jury also indicted the Chrisley's accountant, Peter Tarantino. We could not reach the Chrisleys or Tarantino for comment. IRS Special Agent in Charge Thomas Holloman stated honest taxpayers are fed up with those who use deceit and fraud at taxpayer's expense

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