Georgia schools seek public input on how to reopen come fall

Some school districts across Georgia are seeking community input about how to safely reopen schools in the fall.

Georgia's State Board of Education released guidelines earlier this month, giving school districts three different models to choose from.

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Districts are now considering between the traditional in-person learning, remote learning or a hybrid of both.

“I don’t think any district should rely on one model. It depends on the school, finances and parental involvement,” said Verdaillia Turner, Georgia Teacher Federation President.

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Some school districts want community input, including Atlanta Public Schools. APS sent out a survey to parents this week and plan to host a town hall meeting on Thursday.

They want to know just how comfortable or uncomfortable people are with the options.

Forsyth County Schools is doing the same. The superintendent posted a video message to parents earlier this month.

“We had 17,000 people respond to our survey,” said Dr. Jeff Bearden. “There’s a lot of data to go through.”


Education experts say the decision is not going to be easy because they all come with risks.

“It’s going to be a financial problem and potentially a health problem,” said Turner.