Georgia professor nearly killed in Baltimore hit and run

Georgia Gwinnett College Professor, Dr. Tom Gluick, is in a Maryland hospital, recovering from fractures, literally head to toe.

Gluick was the victim of a hit and run. It happened at a busy intersection in Towson on New Year's Eve, when Gluick was paying his former wife a holiday visit.

Baltimore County Police released a surveillance image of the truck that reportedly sent the 6’5” and 250-pound man airborne in the crosswalk at Dulaney Valley Road and Fairmount Avenue -- one week before the start of the semester.

“The person responsible for this has to live with his or her own conscious,” said ex-wife Sheila Gerrity. “I hope he or she comes forward and takes responsibility.” 

FOX 5 was there as co-workers watched a video update from Gluick. They were relieved to see that not even broken arms, eye sockets, eight ribs and right leg can suppress his sense of humor.

“My left arm is broken, unfortunately, as well as my right arm,” said Gluick in the video. “Because I kissed a truck, don’t ever kiss a truck,” he laughed.

The Gwinnett County community is now rallying together to cover his semester of classes and raise money to help support him during what will undoubtedly be a long and difficult road to recovery.

“We're a very tight community at Georgia Gwinnett College,” said co-worker Cengiz Gunay. “Tom was a very friendly guy, so he was making jokes and making everyone smile, so he's definitely missed. We're hoping to see him soon​.”

In a statement to FOX 5, Georgia Gwinnett College wrote, “We are very sorry to learn of Dr. Gluick’s situation. He is a member of our Grizzly family and our thoughts and prayers are with him, his family and friends during this difficult time.”