Georgia police department warns residents not to call 911 over politics

Politics can get extremely heated at times and at times, some people can take rooting for their candidate at a little too far. That’s the basis of a Facebook post the Polk County Police Department- Georgia shared on Wednesday.

The department wrote on the day after the first presidential debate, “We understand that elections and debates get heated. We also understand you may not agree with what a candidate says or stands for. However, these are not valid reasons to call 911.”

The department went on to remind residents about doing the neighborly thing writing, “We kindly ask that if you’re going to scream at your tv or candidates that you’re polite and warn neighbors.

But for those who really just needed to vent, the police department wanted to make sure no animals were harmed. “Put the dog in another room as it may scare him also,” the post continued.

Of course, the police department encouraged everyone to participate in the political process by voting, but had one last piece of advice for when the polls open:

“Lastly, Snoopy is not eligible to be a write-in candidate either.”

Some good advice.