Georgia average gas price drops below $4 a gallon

A driver pumps gas into their vehicle at a Gulf gas station in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

Georgia drivers have some good news when they pull up to the pump Monday morning: the price to fill up your tank in the state has finally dipped below $4 a gallon.

Drivers in the Peach State are now paying an average of $3.89 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline - a drop of 14 cents from last week.

The price now is 53 cents less than in June and 93 cents more than the price at the same time in 2021. 

It now costs drivers $58.50 to fill up a 15-gallon tank of regular gasoline, which is an average of $14.10 more compared to last year.

Georgia's average gas price remains lower than the national average, which dropped Monday to around $4.35 per gallon.

"Lower domestic demand for gas, and declining crude oil prices continues to be the main factors for lower pump prices," said AAA spokeswoman Montrae Waiters.

Atlanta remains one of the more expensive spots to gas up in the state, with its price of 3.96 for a gallon coming in third to Brunswick ($4) and Hinesville-Fort Stewart ($3.97).

The cheapest Georgia markets to fuel up can be found in Warner Robins ($3.58), – Columbus ($3.74), Albany ($3.60), and Valdosta ($3.61).