Georgia food bank worker holds armed car chase suspect at gunpoint until police show

Workers at a food bank in College Park helped police catch a suspect after a chase Monday evening.

Feeding GA Families’ security cameras captured the heart-pounding moments when a volunteer rushed into the break room and told manager William Joyner that a guy had just bolted through their parking lot with a gun.

Joyner, an Army veteran, instantly knew what he had to do.

He grabbed his gun, chambered it, and went out there.

"I told him to go to the ground, the police are on their way. Just go to your knees with your hands up," Joyner recalled to FOX 5’s Rob DiRienzo.

Joyner said the suspect, later identified by police as Jordan Shelley, 20, refused to show his other hand.

Police said this is the weapon they confiscated from the suspect. (Credit: William Joyner) (Supplied)

"The whole time his hand was sliding down towards the gun," Joyner said. "I was telling him, don’t make me kill you, because I will."

In the nick of time, the security video shows a College Park police officer rounding the corner, with his taser out.

College Park police say Shelley, along with James Green 21, fled from police in a stolen car on Roosevelt Highway just before 5 p.m. on Monday.

The car wrecked near Herschel Rd. and took out a whole bus stop.

Officers quickly got Green, but Shelley took off across train tracks, onto West Point Avenue and into Feeding GA Families’ parking lot.

Both face obstruction charges, while Green was also charged with theft and criminal damage to property.