Georgia dairy farm hit hard due to the Coronavirus

Glo-Crest Dairy Farm in Hall County has been hit hard due to the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

This is a trend with dairy farmers all around the county as schools remain closed and restaurants limit their operations. 

"The fluid milks from the cows keep coming every day and unfortunately right now, there is nowhere to go with the milk," said Scott Glover, owner of Glo-Crest Dairy Farm. 

He says it's more difficult because cows naturally produce more milk in the springtime. They produce less in the summer, which could be an issue when the demand returns as things return back to normal.

"We have a lot of cheese in storage. The cheese processors are not able to run anymore because there's no demand right now. You've gotta do something with that milk. With milk being a perishable item, you've got a short window to get it done," Glover said. 

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The nonstop production and lack of buyers have caused problems for dairy farmers all across the country. 

Many are now forced to get rid of their milk. Some farmers have started dumping thousands of gallons of milk down the drain. 

Luckily for Glover and his family, they've been able to sell some of their products at their the store, the Mountain Fresh Creamery. 

Glover says, however,  they'll need to cut production 15-18 percent soon and they'll likely face a similar fate. 

"We'll have to absorb some of this too. There's probably no way around it for us. We'll have to dump some milk and hope that by doing that it'll free up things a little quicker and things will get back to moving a little faster," Glover said. 

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In this time of uncertainty, Glover is asking people to support local businesses in any way they can. 

"Right now is a good time for folks to realize how important a local food source is. When you've got grocery stores with empty shelves waiting on products to come in from all over the country. It's really nice to have a local food source where you can come and be able to get these products more readily available," Glover said. 

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