Georgia couple dies just days apart after being diagnosed with COVID-19

A family is grieving the loss of a couple who passed away just days apart.

Family members say Leroy and Lisa Johnson both died after being diagnosed with COVID-19

"That man loved that woman and that woman loved that man," said Leodis Johnson, Leroy's younger brother. 

Johnson said his brother and his wife, Lisa, were made for each other. 

The couple had been married for 15 years and Johnson said their love was evident, even in the face of illness. 

"I believe that was the thing that pushed Lisa over when he passed away," Johnson said. 

Leroy and Lisa Johnson

Leroy and Lisa Johnson (Family photo)

Johnson said Lisa was in the hospital due to complications from COVID-19. 

During that time, Leroy was found unresponsive at home and ultimately passed away last Monday. 

Lisa followed just three days later. 

The couple's two children, one who is 15 and another who is an adult, are now without parents.

Leroy Johnson

Leroy Johnson (Family photo)

It's a pain Johnson knows far too well. 

"Myself and Leroy, we have experienced this before because I lost my parents also at a very, very young age," Johnson said. 

Johnson said his brother and Lisa moved from the Midwest and made Georgia their home. 

He said they were kind and never hesitated to help those in need. 

The generosity could be seen in Lisa's dedication to serving the community.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson (Family photo)

She spent decades with the Clayton County Sheriff's Office and most recently was a detention officer with the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. 

"I was honored for her to be my sister. I don't believe in sister-in-law. Once you're married in the family, you're family. It was an honor to have someone that served the community," Johnson said. 

The Fayette County Sheriff's posted a statement on social media: 

"It is with a heavy heart that we inform our community that we have lost part of our family with the  Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. Detention Officer Lisa Anne Johnson passed away on Thursday,  September 16, 2021.  

"Lisa began service in our Jail Division December 16, 2019. Lisa was previously employed with the Clayton  County Sheriff’s Office. She was a veteran with a sweet spirit that was full of knowledge, experience and an example to our younger officers. Early in 2020, she made me a custom face mask that was so impressive, I asked if she would make all our employees a mask. She jumped at the chance, always giving in service to her agency and community.

"I have been in contact with Lisa’s family, who has asked us to relay to the media to give the family privacy during this time to allow them to process their loss. Lisa’s family is our priority, hence the reason we have not issued a press release until today. Lisa took care of us and it is our duty to take care of her family. We are working alongside the family to help them transition with issues like Lisa’s employee benefits, honoring her memory at a future service and any other needs we can meet for them.

"Lisa is a great example of someone who serves behind the scenes in our jail and is a hero in a position most do not think about when one thinks of a First Responder. I can tell you without a doubt, our community is a safer place because of a hero like Lisa. Her family, friends and her Sheriff’s Office family will remember how she lived and her commitment to family and her community.


Sheriff Barry H. Babb

Johnson said he's thankful for all the support from the community. 

The family is in the process of making funeral arrangements. 

If you'd like to help the family you can donate money to the Legacy Funeral Home in Jonesboro, and specifying it is for Leroy and Lisa Johnson. 

There is a GoFundMe set up by other family members to help raise money for the funeral.

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