Georgia company gets creative to help those in need

Trevelino/Keller, an Atlanta-area public relations firm, is using a creative way to help out members of the community facing toilet paper shortages. 

The company organized its second "Toilet Paper Exchange" or "Toilet Paper Toss" Friday afternoon. 

Members of Trevelino/Keller and Giga Monster stood on the sidewalk and tossed toilet paper and hand sanitizer into cars. 

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Genna Keller, cofounder of Trevelino/Keller said the idea came as the office started working from home last week. 

“Last week when we were closing our office for remote we looked around in our supplies to see what we had and we had about 100 or so rolls on hand," Keller said. Keller said they ordered more rolls while they could and came up with the idea to give them away for free.

Giga Monster joined in after finding bottles of hand sanitizers. 

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While the toss might be lighthearted, Keller said this has opened their eyes to a very real need in the community. 

"I think the drive-by reaction is a little bit different than the folks who have reached out to us. We’ve had retirement homes and nonprofits around the area that have reached out to us and they need toilet paper," Keller said. 

She hopes other companies will follow suit and empty out their supply closets to help out those in need. "We are hoping that other folks that are remote and have facilities are looking in their closets and shelves and seeing what they have that other folks may need to at are at home that can’t get them or don’t have a way to get them. It’s time to be creative."

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