GBI, Fulton DA probes allegations against former South Fulton narcotics commander

The GBI is investigating allegation allegations lodged against the former South Fulton narcotics commander.

Lt. Shannon McKesey resigned her post two days after Chief Keith Meadows recommended termination for narcotics commander in early July.

"It was disheartening because I’ve known this employee for about 20 years and so, it’s hard to take because you’ve known them for so long and you’ve had relationship with people," Chief Meadows said speaking of that decision.

The city manager and the chief brought in an outside agency, the Smyrna Police Department, to look into allegations of a hostile work environment, a claim that Mckesey used alcohol on the job, and in her post counteracting the illegal drug trade, there were some irregularities in the counting of confiscated cash.

The Smyrna department found evidence to support all three allegations, according to sources.

"We’ll seize the money, we’ll have the money counted there, the money is counted, the money is placed into a safe within the city of Atlanta police department, and once that money is there, it sits there as evidence until a judge releases that money to the city of South Fulton," the chief said. "Once that money is released to the city of South Fulton, then it winds up going from that safe into a bank account for the city."

Chief Meadows has also asked the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to review the findings of the investigation.