Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie's parents meet with lawyer in Orlando

From missing person to wanted man.

The FBI has issued a warrant for Brian Laundrie after he was indicted by a grand jury. This comes after officers spent another day searching thousands of acres of swampland for any sign of him.

On Thursday, Laundrie's parents were in Orlando to meet with their attorney. It’s not clear what they spoke about or why they met in Orlando.

The indictment against their son - now labeling him a federal fugitive – only reveals a sliver of information in the case. It says he committed fraud by using a debit card that he allegedly was unauthorized to use and that he took out at least $1,000 and that the money moved across state lines. 

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Gabby Petito’s last text from her phone was sent on August 27th. The indictment says the card was used on the 30th and he returned home sometime on September 1st.



The indictment doesn’t specify if it was Gabby’s card, but legal analyst Anthony Rickman suspects that for it to become part of an indictment in this case, prosecutors are trying to establish a timeline. 

"When you use a card, use an ATM, there's a camera associated with it. We will see his image when he is using that card. That's going to help law enforcement."

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Over a dozen agencies have sent 75 officers into the swamp of eastern Sarasota County to search 25,000 acres of Carlton Reserve. Laundrie’s Ford Mustang had reportedly been there before his parents said he went hiking.

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Once he is found, the arrest warrant says he will go before a U.S. magistrate.

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Laundrie's family attorney said that the charge he faces is for something that occurred after Gabby’s death. In cases like these, it is common for agencies to charge someone with a lesser crime to get them in custody while they build a bigger case on more serious charges.

Meanwhile, we are still awaiting the official autopsy results for Gabby Petito.

Her father announced on Friday that funeral services will be held Sunday in New York. 

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