Fulton County Jail inmate somehow got to enjoy steak dinner in their jail cell

Inmates in the Fulton County Jail with cash can order, off the books, a restaurant steak dinner.

That is the latest break in protocol Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat has to worry about.

His investigators have a video showing smiling inmates boasting about the restaurant meal they are about enjoy. Commanders suspect a staffer, likely an officer, brought the food in.


And to wash down their steaks, the inmates hold up orange sodas.

"I have no words for it," said Charles Rambo, a retired sheriff's supervisor. "We didn't have this stuff in my day."

The sheriff answered our inquiry with this statement:

"The delivery of outside food to inmates at the Fulton County Jail is strictly prohibited. Any employee who violates protocol and or allows a breach in security is disciplined according to department policy."

Jail sources tell FOX 5 law enforcement and other jail staffers have succumbed to the offer of payment to perform favors for inmates.

It can be a smuggled meal, a smoke, narcotics, or high on the list of wants: a cell phone.

What a staffer can get for a phone starts at $2,000, according to people familiar with ongoing investigations.