Fulton County District Attorney looks for witnesses in police shootings

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The Fulton County District Attorney has erected billboards in various spots around town trying to find witnesses in three different police shootings.

The innovative approach is targeting civilian witnesses who were on the scene.

She police shootings include one on Moreland Avenue at Arkwright Place that happened back in March. It involved four SWAT Members and the shootings of Kenneth Gilbert Sr. and his son, Kenneth Jr.

Then, a second deadly shooting involved a suspected slider car thief and an off-duty member of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottims' security detail.

The third shooting occurred on Interstate 285 Southbound between Washington Road and Camp Creek Parkway. That is where suspected car thief Devin Nolley was chased then shot. He is now paralyzed from the waist down.

In all three cases, the district attorney wants civilian input, not just the officers' stories.

"We have the police versions of what has happened  in a case , but sometimes when there is no video or no bodycam, sometimes people don't believe those versions," Mr. Howard candidly shared.

The DA is looking for the drivers of specific cars who would have been positioned right in front of the gunfire.

Although the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been asked to investigate all three cases, Howard wants witnesses to come forward.

"We have the officer's version and the other person involved in the shooting, we what the civilian version which should reveal the complete truth.

The billboards are posted all over the county and cost taxpayers just over $9,000 for three weeks.

Mr. Howard said if the truth is revealed, it is a worthy investment

"If a citizen realizes their help is needed, I do not think you have to pay people to do the right thing," Mr. Howard said with confidence.

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