Forecast: Unseasonably cool, wet Friday

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Following Thursday's wild wind and storms, Friday's weather is still unsettled, but in a very different way. No severe storms will happen, but it will be a much cooler and damp day with light rain showers developing and sticking around through the night.

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The occasional rain will not be expected to total up to much, but any hour of the day can bring a few showers through. It does appear, however, that the time of day when showers will be most numerous is Friday afternoon.


Temperatures will run more than 20 degrees colder than average Friday afternoon with highs in the mid to upper 50s. Unseasonably cool for early May!

Winds will not be as much of an issue as Thursday, but it will still be breezy at times.  

Winds should average 15 mph with some higher gusts through the afternoon.

Skies will be slow to clear overnight, but we'll expect sunshine and milder temperatures for Saturday. One more wave of showers or thundershowers will move in from the north for a few hours Saturday evening - roughly from 6pm to midnight.  

These showers should fizzle out south of I-20 late Saturday night.  This will leave all of Sunday sunny and mild with high temperatures near 70.

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