For sale: Homes from 'The Walking Dead' set

FOX 5 is the first television station allowed behind Senoia’s zombie wall where "The Walking Dead" just wrapped up production after 11 seasons.

AMC built actual homes as sets for the show’s Alexandria Safe-Zone. Now that the show has wrapped production, those homes are being spruced up for sale.

Homes for sale in what was The Walking Dead Alexandria Safe-Zone set

"These homes were never lived in. They were just filmed in," said Scott Tighelaar, President of Senoia Enterprises. 

He joked that they have scrubbed the blood from the walls. Fake blood, he added.

Tighelaar said AMC built the custom homes as sets with plans to sell them after the show was finished.

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FOX 5 got an exclusive look at The Walk Dead’s Alexandria Safe Zone set in Senoia, Georgia. Now that the series has wrapped production, the homes built specifically for the TV show are up for sale.

The neighborhood beyond the protective zombie wall is called Senoia’s Gin Property.

Eight years ago, it was an actual neighborhood under development with residents before "The Walking Dead" walled it off as a permanent set.

Plans are to build more custom homes and more brownstone townhouses in the vacant lots where other sets were built.

Inside one of the homes for sale in Senoia that was a set for The Walking Dead

Three of the homes will hit the market in the coming weeks.

More of the homes will be available later this summer, including one with possibly the most famous front porch in cable history.

Potential buyers can Google it for themselves.

The master bathroom of one of the set houses used in The Walking Dead

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Senoia’s zombie wall that encircles the Alexandria Safe-Zone set

And finally, the Senoia zombie wall is scheduled to be dismantled in the coming weeks.