Thief drives off with family's food trailer, source of income

An Atlanta mom wants to find whoever stole a food trailer she used as an income to help support her family.

The thief stole the trailer from a home off Metropolitan Avenue in southwest Atlanta. 

"You took from a single mother who is doing her best to provide for her boys," Lyquelia Bell said. 

Simply put, Bell is disappointed someone would steal her flat top cooking trailer she’s worked so hard to get.

"My brother came to visit me, and he was like, ‘Where is your trailer at if you are at home?’ And I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘Your trailer is not at grandma's house.’ And I said, ‘Don’t play.’ And he said, ‘No, your trailer is not there,’" Bell said.

Bell built her business from scratch and a nearby camera caught the seconds it took for it to drive away. 

It was parked outside a family member’s house in the Capitol View Manor Community.

"On the camera, we can see someone pulling up, loading it with the trailer, and pulling off, and it’s gone," Bell said. 

It started as a little griddle on the ground. With hard work and saving, it grew to a food trailer.

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Lyquelia Bell shared these photos of her food trailer which was stolen from a home off Metropolitan Avenue in southwest Atlanta. (Supplied)

Later, her four sons wanted to join their hardworking mama.

"We started the Italian ice. So, it’s ‘Munch To Go’ and ‘ Golden Boyz Cold Treats’ that’s together," Bell said. 

But it’s more than just a trailer. 

"Having that trailer built from scratch, it’s very sentimental because I was struggling, trying to get it," Bell said.

It’s a reminder of the passion and hard work it took to get it.

"You took more than just a trailer, you took a piece of our mind, a piece of our happiness," Bell said. 

If you know anything that can help this family find their trailer, contact Atlanta Police. They say they just want it back.

They also set up a GoFundMe page in case they can’t find it.