Flooding across North Georgia, metro Atlanta

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Bartow County

The Flood Warnings issued Monday afternoon have all expired, but the rain will continue through at least Wednesday. It has caused localized flooding, ponding, and some waterways to overflow.

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Along the Chattahoochee River, Atlanta Fire Rescue pulled a man out of the river when he fell in while hiking. Crews said the accident happened around 3 p.m. along Northside Parkway, where the man was walking along the river and slid into the water. He was treated and released.


Several roads were closed Monday afternoon. Authorities advise drivers to never take their chances driving through standing water, and repeat the catchphrase: "Turn around, don't drown."

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Johns Creek closed a section of Buice Road near Twingate Drive due to rising waters from creeks running under the road. Buice Road is closed between Farmbrook Lane and Twingate Drive.

Firefighters said drivers can lose control of their vehicle and be swept away in as little as one foot of water.


The heavy rain also caused plenty of problems across Bartow County. Several roads were closed. The water was just too deep to safely drive through.

All Courtney Owens wanted to do Monday night was go to her nice warm house. But she couldn't get there because Puckett Road was impassable.

"All the main roads to my house are closed, and my trusty little car won't make it through that," said Owens.

Sherri Dawson was having trouble getting out of her home on Highway 293 in Emerson. She said thanks to all the rain she now has two sinkholes in her yard, one of them as big as her car. Her carport is also flooded. She said she managed to get her car out in the nick of time.

"I just put trash bags up to my knees and waded out to my car and got in it and was able to get it out and park it next door," said Dawson.

There are a number of roads across the county that are closed because of flooding.  Bartow County School authorities released a statement on social media saying that as a result of the recent rain, flooded roads may be an issue Tuesday morning. School officials said they are monitoring road conditions with assistance from the Bartow County Road Department and Bartow County Sheriff's Office and will update everyone early Tuesday morning through social media.

Just southwest of Bartow County, ditches were filling, creeks were hugging the tops of their banks, and roads were slowly being filled with water. Photos sent to FOX 5 News show the water rising in Cedartown and Rockmart.

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