Fire department welcomes 12 babies 1 year after California wildfires

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One year after the Carr fire in Northern California, a local California fire department has welcomed a baby boom.

The Redding Fire Department welcomed 12 babies, including three sets of twins!

Firefighters and their wives celebrated the babies this week with a cute photo session.

The nine new moms all remembered the Carr wildfire and how they feared the worst while their husbands were fighting the flames.

At the time, six of the women were pregnant. They say the experience helped them grow closer.

"After the Carr fire, after we all went through something really emotional we all kind of got together and we were telling each other what was happening and we all kind of figured out we were pregnant together," Kimberly Hanlon said.

Now all the women consider each other one big family.

"We're going to have a lot of playdates and a lot of kids and probably tantrums and good times together," Hanlon said. 

The new moms are now looking forward to making memories as the babies grow up in the Redding fire family together.

FOX 5 reporting from Atlanta.