February's rainfall still shy of being record-breaking in Georgia

Lake Allatoona is above full pool, running over into some parking lots, campgrounds, and other low-lying areas because of all the rain in February 2020.

February is still a few inches of rain away from a record month for rainfall.

As of Monday, believe it or not, there have been eight dry days spaced out in between the 16 wet days. Of those 16 days, 9 has seen less than a half-inch, but seven has since more than a half-inch of rain.

According to official rain totals for Atlanta, the most rain fell on Feb. 18 with 2.41 inches, followed by Feb. 6 with 2.30 inches, and Feb. 10 with 1.48 inches. The rest of the days have had less than an inch of rain.

This is the second wettest month on record. That record was set back in 1961 with 12.77 inches.


In Rome, it's actually the third wettest month with 10.69 inches. The record there being set back in 1961 at 11.22 inches.

For Athens, their record was set back in 1873 with 12.06 inches of rain. This year's 10.02 inches makes it the fourth wettest month there.

Of course, there are five days left in the month, so the FOX 5 Storm Team will let you know if that changes.

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