FBI warns consumers about coronavirus scams

A warning from law enforcement as fears surrounding the coronavirus continues to spread.

Local police say some people have taken advantage of the deadly virus.

Several police departments said the FBI informed them that people are getting phishing scams, so they are urging people to be cautious of suspicious coronavirus emails.

“Anytime something like this happens you see those evildoers coming out, looking at how they can profit off of it,” Sgt. Robert Parsons, with the Dunwoody Police Department, explained.

The department said other agencies have alerted them to people sending out emails appearing to be from the CDC and World Health Organization.

“They are, unfortunately, praying on people who, right now are concerned about what’s going on in the world and they’re trying to get more information,” he mentioned.

But instead of learning more about the coronavirus, the folks getting these emails provide criminals with their own information.

The emails, police told us, are phishing scams.

“They’re getting people to download attachments that contain malware in an effort to get a hold of people’s bank statements and personal information,” Sgt. Parsons said.

Law enforcement said scammers have also created fake charity emails asking for money.

Parsons said, “it’s frankly disgusting that’s the world we live in right now.”

In order to protect you and your family, experts said verify sender before opening the e-mail, read link addresses before you click, and don't provide personal ID information

"We don’t need these outside actors coming in with frauds and businesses looking to profit off of this. We need to get through this as a community, obviously with the best information we can get from the health officials,” the sergeant said.

It’s not just phishing emails to be wary of.

Earlier this week, the FTC sent a warning to several businesses accusing them of selling scam coronavirus treatment products.

Anyone who man have gotten a phishing email, police say to contact the FBI.