Father of 3 crushed by truck in freak I-75 construction accident

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A construction accident left Daniel Clark badly hurt with devastating injuries.

Clark's children lost their mother several years ago -- and now fear the worst for their dad. The father of three is now fighting hard to stay alive after a freak accident.

"I wouldn't know what to do if my dad wasn't with me because he's the only person I feel like I have sometimes," said Alli Clark, 

On Wednesday morning, the 42-year-old electrician was working on a construction site on I-75 in the Detroit metro area when he was crushed by a bucket truck that backed into him. 

"There was some kind of feeling that wasn't right and when he went back there, Dan was stuck in the back of the truck," said Julia Clark, Daniel's ex-wife. She says he was pinned under dual rear tires.

"Both of his lungs are collapsed, his ribs are completely shattered, his pelvic area and his hips were shattered during this," she said.

Daniel just started with a new company Monday. And the driver who didn't realize Daniel was behind his truck is his close friend of 20 years.

"Probably that friend is just as devastated as us, if not more," Julia said.

Daniel was rushed to Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak where he is in the Intensive Care in critical condition. Doctors say it is touch and go.

"My aunt called me and she was crying," said Peter Clark, Daniel's son. "And my first thought was that my dad died because that's how I found out my mom died - they started crying."

Alli and Peter - his children - lost their mother to Leukemia 6 years ago. Since then, Daniel has been super dad. 

"You never really realize what someone does for you until they are not there," said Alli.

"It was heartbreaking to me," said Peter. "Because he's my best friend he's always there for me I've never been so close with someone before."

Daniel and Julia have a 5-year-old together - too young to understand what's happening.  The family was struggling before because Daniel was laid off all winter, and now this. 

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help his children. 

"His kids need him his kids really need him," Julia said.

There is an internal investigation to find out exactly what happened here. If you want to donate CLICK HERE.