Family reunited with lost dog who ran off after fireworks show at Art Museum

A Montgomery County family has been reunited with their dog who had been missing for more than a month following a fundraising event in the city.

Julie Butler and her husband Rick brought their dog, Eddie, to the LLS Light the Night walk at the Philadelphia Art Museum back on October 27. The family was there to support a friend who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

At the walk, Eddie managed to slip his collar during a fireworks show and ran off. His family searched for days for the 11-year-old dog but had no luck.

Tuesday, Jason Fisher, heard a scratch at the back door of his Bala Cynwyd home. It was Eddie.

Jason let him in, got him something to eat and shared his photo on the community Facebook page. A member of the group had been following the search for Eddie and recognized him, leading her to call the number on the ‘Lost Dog’ signs that were posted across the city.

Finally, after 39 days apart, the Butlers were reunited with Eddie at a local pound!

Julie tells FOX 29’s Dawn Timmeney she took Eddie straight to the vet where he was checked out and microchipped.  Eddie lost 14 pounds but appears to be okay!

Andrea Nahmias Sergio, who recognized Eddie on Facebook captured video of the emotional reunion as the Butler’s went to pick up Eddie.