Family of woman killed at East Point recording studio seeks answers

The family of a woman who was killed in East Point over the weekend is calling for justice in the wake of her murder. This, after East Point police confirmed 26-year-old Tanasia Conwell was gunned down outside of a recording studio on Nabell Avenue on Friday night.

"It’s just a tragedy right now," the victim's mother Arkevia Conwell told FOX 5. "That was my baby, my firstborn, 26 years-old that was taken from her three kids."

Conwell said she received the call no parent wants Friday night, notifying her that Tanasia was the victim in that shooting. That call came from her 5-year-old grandson, who was with his mother and two siblings at the time.

"I called my daughter, I got no answer, I continued to call, still didn’t get an answer, so I called my 5-year-old grandson phone when I called his phone he said, ‘Ma Keke… that boy shot my mom,’" Conwell recalled.

It’s unclear at this time why Tanasia was at the recording studio. Conwell said her daughter loved to dance, loved music and her kids, ages 3, 5, and 7 were her number one priority.

"She had just got a new car, just moved into her new apartment, she was working at amazon, so for a 26-year-old she had potential," she said.

Tanasia’s grandmother Felicia Conwell-Thomas said while the family is coming together to help raise her children, she won’t rest until the person responsible for her granddaughter’s death is behind bars. 

"I can’t say rest in peace Tanasia because I’m not at peace until I see justice done," she said. "It’s time for the violence to stop." 

A spokesperson for the city of East Point said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and while it’s the second shooting at a recording studio in East Point in two months, this is the first incident at that particular recording studio.

Officials said Police Chief Shawn Buchanan is now working with the city attorney to look at policies in place around recording studios with the hope of preventing another situation in the future.

Conwell’s family said Willie Watkins Funeral Home will be handling funeral services. There is also a GoFundMe page that’s been set up to help Tanasia’s mother take care of her three children.