Family of man killed on e-scooter wants stronger laws in place for safety of riders

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A 20-year-old man was riding an e-scooter on Atlanta streets when he was hit and killed by a car last week. Thursday night, the family gathered at the intersection where Eric Amis Jr. lost his life. 

It was a little after midnight last Friday, Amis was coming home from work and hopped on a scooter at the West Lake Marta Station. Atlanta Police said he was struck by a car at West Lake and Browning Street. Investigators said the driver told them it happened in an instant and she couldn't avoid him. She has not been charged. 

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The young man, whom everyone called E.J., was the first person to be killed while riding a scooter on Atlanta streets. His family wants his death to make a difference to others. They'd like to see the scooters banned, but if that can't happen, they're calling for stronger laws to protect the riders. 

"These scooters are too dangerous to be on the street. We believe in our hearts that if it had not been the law that he had to take that scooter and put it on the street, he would be alive today," said Pastor David Roy, E.J.'s uncle. 

The family would also like to see mandatory helmet use and training for riders. While E.J. was the first death like this, they want it to be the last. 

"I think if we can save the next person from dying, he wouldn't have died in vain," said Eric Amis Sr, E.J.'s dad. 

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