Family of fatal crash victim left with questions

It's been a long and very painful year since Joi Partridge lost her mother and her two children in a crash that she believes could have been prevented.

Dorothy Wright, 75, was struck and killed by a car thief who was running from College Park police officers. Wright's 12-year-old grandson, Cameron Costner, and her and her 6-year-old granddaughter, Layla Partridge, also died on the driver of the stolen SUV limousine slammed into rights car on South Gordon Street in southwest Atlanta.

"This first year has been really hard without them. Going through Christmas and Thanksgiving without the important people in my life… it's been hard on all of us," Mrs. Partridge said from her attorney's office Monday. "Knowing they haven't found this person, it's not right. We still wonder if they're even still looking for this person."

Loved ones gathered Monday to make yet another public appeal for information about the driver who got away and hope a $25,000 reward will generate enough leads to make an arrest.

"We just wish someone would do the right thing before there's another little girl laying in the Streets of Atlanta or another little boy or elderly woman on their way to church laying dead in the streets of Atlanta. Just telling police what you know." said Douglas Partridge.

Investigators said the SUV was stolen from a College Park hotel. Loved ones are still very upset officers chased the driver into Atlanta attorney Chris Chestnut, who filed suit against the College Park Police Department in August 2016, said the family deserves answers.

"This was an unsanctioned, unauthorized multijurisdictional police chase that never should have occurred in the first place. This family is dead over a $40,000 car. Not a carjacking, a car theft and College Park Police haven't said anything to this family since." said Chestnut.

The College Park Police Department will not comment on this case citing the ongoing civil lawsuit.

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