Family in shock after young mother passes away suddenly

A metro area family is grieving the loss of a young mother, wife and sister from a sudden and still unknown medical condition.

34-year old Allison Moline left behind five young children including a 3-month old baby. Her loved ones and community are rallying around the family after the unimaginable loss.

"I don't have the words. It's so comforting to know other people are praying and caring for my family," Allison’s husband Brandon Moline said.

Brandon explained that everyone called his wife Allie.

Allie went in for a surgical procedure to remove kidney stones last week when she suffered some type of complication and passed away.
Her family is now focused not on the medical mystery, but rather on remembering and honoring an incredible woman.
"She had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. Her heart was so genuine and so true," Brandon said.

The family recently moved to the Rockford area, in the northwest metro, where Allie home-schooled her kids.

"My wife was all about her children and her god. She did everything for our children," Brandon said.

Her sisters, including identical twin Kim Olson insist the two things they will never forget are all the smiles and all the laughter.

"Just every moment was full of fun,” Kim recalled. “She had a way of making everything around her full of joy. You felt so much comfort when you were around her."

Allie's loved ones still aren't sure what happened. They say she was otherwise healthy when she went into the hospital last week for the surgical procedure.

But something went tragically wrong, and within just a couple days, she was gone.

"It was just unexpected. Unexpected complications from kidney stones,” said Brandon.

Since her death, a YouCaring page has raised more than $75,000 for the heart-broken family.

"I’d give every penny if I could have my Allie back,” Brandon said as he fought back tears. “It’s very comforting people are willing to help, but again, I’d give it all back.”

Brandon tells fox 9 that it is just too soon to figure out where his family goes from here with mom, primary care giver and teacher now gone. A visitation and funeral for Allie are scheduled for Friday and Saturday up in Fargo where she's originally from.