Family grieving loss of father of 5 killed in East Point

A family is in agony, grieving the loss of a father of five. Rashad Walker was shot and killed just yards away from a daycare on Mulberry Street near Ellinwood Drive in East Point. The killer is still on the run.

The horrifying ordeal unfolded last Tuesday morning. Police found Walker’s body slumped over the steering wheel of his car later that day.

His girlfriend wishes to remain anonymous because the killer is still out there. "I’m scared for me and my children," she said.

She says she’s emotionally torn apart. "I’m empty, I’m empty. He didn’t deserve it, he didn’t deserve it," she said. "Whoever did this, they were wrong because he didn’t deserve that."

Walker’s girlfriend says he dropped off their five kids at another school. "He was supposed to pick me up, he never showed up."

Walker worked in construction. He hoped, one day, to launch his own business. "He was a hardworking man, he took care of his kids, he wasn’t caught up in anything."

She says Walker was the kind of man who raised the spirits of everyone around him. "He kept you laughing all the time, he kept laughing."

And she says Walker was a loving dad, the man the family depended on. "I can’t even function, my kids can’t function, we don’t know what to do without him."

She’s now left without her partner, their children left to grow up without their dad. "My kids deserve justice, he deserves justice."

Police say a witness saw a man in white t-shirt walk away from the scene. No one has been arrested in this case so far.