Family 'devastated' by killing of 36-year-old father, entrepreneur at Cedar Park Trail

The family of a DeKalb County man killed in a double murder on Cedar Park Trail earlier this week is having a hard time processing their loss.

They say Denay Munford was a devoted father and entrepreneur and none of this makes sense.

Mr. Munford's family is primarily in upstate New York. They describe the 36- year-old as a loving father who did everything for his children and was even scheduled to take them on a cruise to the Bahamas today.

"This is such a tragedy for us. It's still unreal for us to believe," Munford's aunt, Stepanie told FOX 5.

His aunt says his unexpected killing on Cedar Park Trail in DeKalb County has been a source of unceasing pain for the entire family.

"We're just devastated. There are no words that can describe the pain and the anguish that our family is living through at this time. We are a close-knit family.  We go on vacations together. We visit all the time we spend holidays together," Mrs. Munford explained.

DeKalb Police say Munford and 36-year old Dwayne Worthy were shot and killed during a drug related shooting, but Munford's family does not believe that.

Family says 36-year-old Denay Munford was a devoted father and entrepreneur.

Family says 36-year-old Denay Munford was a devoted father and entrepreneur.

"That would be more than surprising because just last year he and his parents put their funds together to develop a trucking company, so he would have a legacy to leave to his children. So he is an entrepreneur," she said.

DeKalb Police have charged Brandon Johnson and Jamal Cook, who were both injured, with two counts each of felony murder.

"If indeed he did such a thing, he not only ruined the lives of my nephew and the children and my family, he tarnished us forever but he's also done the same thing to his family and his loved ones.  So it's just a sad horrific situation," Mrs. Munford exclaimed.