Family desperate to find missing Nicholas Williams

Family says they last heard from 32-year-old Nicholas Williams December 12. A month later, they are concerned for his safety.

Williams' mother and cousin say his car was last seen at Atlantic Station, but he was not in it. They describe him as a 5-feet-10inch Black man with a diamond tattoo on his neck and a "269" area code tattooed on his chest.

"Just keep looking for him. We're not going to stop until we find him," his mother, Vicky Williams, begged the public.

She says she and her son have a great relationship.

"I moved down here just to be close to him," she said.

Williams says he would never go long without reaching out to her.

"He's a creature of habit and talks to his mother regularly," Williams' cousin, Shawna Battle, said. "He was scheduled to go pick her up from the airport and missed the opportunity, which was very unlike him."

That was the second week of December. Now exactly one month since the family last heard from him, they are desperate, hoping someone watching this report knows what happened to Nick.

Cobb County police confirm loved ones filed a report there, but the family says they are now working with Atlanta police, as he lives in the city and his car was last seen near Atlantic Station.

Since then, the family has conducted their own searches.

Anyone with information about Nicholas Williams' disappearance, give Cobb County and Atlanta police a call.