Face mask and hand sanitizer giveaway happening in DeKalb County

As of Wednesday, there are now nearly 30,000 people in Georgia with the coronavirus. Fulton County reporting the most cases with more than 3,000, but DeKalb County not too far behind with more than 2,200 cases and 58 confirmed deaths. 

To stop the spread, DeKalb police and fire recruits have started handing out coronavirus prevention kits.

LIVE MAP: Tracking coronavirus in Georgia

Each one contains items that could keep you safe as the country continues to fight the disease.

The CDC says you’re still safest at home, and the governor encourages everyone to isolate themselves as often as possible, despite the lifted stay-at-home order.

DeKalb County officials recognize not everyone has the luxury of staying home. That’s why DeKalb County volunteer police and firefighters handed out 2,000 kits Saturday and are planning to hand our 4,000 more Wednesday. 

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"Ten thousand masks are out there now that weren’t before," DeKalb Fire Chief Darnell Fullum said. "We’re hoping that this will stop the spread in DeKalb County."

The kits are filled with hand sanitizer, masks, and an informational packet.

Right now, the county’s focus is on educating and providing these resources to economically disadvantaged communities that have the highest number of covid19 infections.

Police and fire are still working to determine how kits will be handed out each Saturday, but they say more announcements will be made available soon.


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