Emory Healthcare workers share experience battling COVID-19

Danielle Giaritelli told FOX 5 being on the front lines of COVID-19 since march has been a whirlwind of emotions.

"It's been a constant overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear," Giaritelli said.

Giaritelli began to get emotional Thursday afternoon talking about helping families connect with dying loved ones through technology.

"To hear them kind of say 'oh it's gonna be okay'. They can't be there and you know they can't hold their hand. They can't talk to them is by far the most difficult experience I've ever had," she detailed.

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An experience Giaritelli has seen happen more than once as she helps battle COVID-19 at Emory University Hospital.

The registered nurse has been on the front lines since the first positive coronavirus case hit Georgia two months ago.

"We've had a lot who have made it out to the floor and then back home, but the ones that have passed. Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes you don't."

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Know how the COVID-19 outbreak is impacting Georgia

Emory Healthcare is currently sharing videos giving us a glimpse into a "day in the life" of their front line healthcare workers.

"When we huddle it's 'take care of yourself. It's not going to be easy. It's not easy, it's not gonna get easier as time goes on," Giaritelli explained.

But the local community is helping hospital staff through these challenging times.

This is National Nurses Week.

"Every single day someone's sending us stuff. It's kind of constant love and support," Giaritelli mentioned.

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Love and support that Giaritelli said helps as she and her colleagues navigate through their own concerns and fears.

"I think that we are all thinking about is 'here I go again, I'm gonna be re-exposed to this, is my masks working," she mentioned.

Giaritelli told us a rewarding part of this being able to walk away from her shift knowing she did all she could to help patients fight to stay alive.

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