Emory Healthcare announces $100M in raises for thousands of its employees

Thousands of Emory Healthcare employees have some good news coming their way by the end of the summer.

On Tuesday, Emory Healthcare announced $100 million in raises for about 17,000 employees.

Those getting raises include nurses, respiratory and occupational therapists, radiology techs, and other workers in food nutrition and environmental services. 

Most of those employees live in metro Atlanta.

Emory Healthcare's CEO Joon Lee, MD, said that the investment was the company "betting on ourselves."

"We think Emory Healthcare … is a resource for the region, something to be proud of, and we can only do that if we deliver excellent care … where people look to us and say, ‘That’s where innovation occurred. That's where the best care occurred,'" Lee said.

The company said the raises will be phased in by September.