Emergency pump draining flooded Cobb County pump station

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Cobb County is making progress in its effort to drain a flooded pump station that has been spilling wastewater into the Chattahoochee River.

County leaders say an emergency pump that was brought in over the weekend is now up and running.

It's emptying excess water out of the South Cobb Station, which had a major failure to its pumps and backup pumps on New Year's Eve.

A second pump is expected to be working sometime Tuesday morning

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Untreated wastewater, as well as run-off from streets and storm drains, is brought into the pumping facility at the water reclamation facility, where it is treated and discharged into the Chattahoochee. Due to the failure, it was just going straight into the river. 

The county also is working with the Environmental Protection Division to minimize problems downstream.  

Thankfully, county officials say the failure does not affect the county's drinking water.