Elderly sisters killed in DeKalb County house fire

A fire call late Tuesday night turns tragic when firefighters found two people inside of a burned house.

It happened on Woodcastle Lane in DeKalb County where firefighters arrived just after 10 p.m. and found heavy flames shooting from the roof of the one story, single-family residence.

FOX 5 News spoke with a DeKalb County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief, at the scene of the fire, who told us that they made an aggressive attack on the heavy flames when they first got there. 

Pubic Information Officer Captain Dion Bentley told FOX 5 they did not have any reports of entrapment for this fire, and the first information they had that there may be people inside came from neighbors. He says they told them that they believed there were two people inside the burning house. 

Captain Bentley says firefighters were not able to go inside until they knocked the heavy flames down from the outside. At that point, they were able to check the house and discovered Katie Hicks, 71, and Ella Hicks, 75, had died. 

The cause of the fire has not been determined.