Early morning Uber ride ends with passengers in handcuffs, driver says

Flora Mayfield has been driving Ubers and Lyfts for nine years. After a terrifying encounter early Sunday morning, she said she quit.

It all started when her phone buzzed with a ride from Midtown Atlanta to Athens – about an hour and a half ride.

Mayfield said the passengers were passed out drunk for the entire ride, and when they finally got to their destination in Athens. When she got out of her seat tried to wake them, one of them did something she couldn’t believe.

"He jumped out of the passenger seat in the back, and jumped in my driver's seat,” Mayfield said.”When he jumped out of the driver's seat, he immediately put my car in drive."

Mayfield said she and the man’s fellow passenger pleaded with him to get out. That’s when she said she called the cops.

"I literally heard the Holy Spirit say jump in your car, roll the windows and lock the door,” she said. "I never want to live through this again. I saw my life flash before my eyes."

It is not clear if the men are facing any charges. Athens-Clarke County Police did not return requests for comment Sunday.

A spokesperson from Uber said the company has banned the man from using the app.


“We are appalled by this driver's experience and have been in touch with her to offer our support,” the spokesperson said in an email. “This is in clear violation of our community guidelines and we immediately removed the rider's access to the app."

Mayfield, who’s battling lupus, is crushed her only source of income is now gone. The aspiring gospel singer said she often gave her riders life advice and counseling.

"One young man wanted to commit suicide, and I was able to talk him down from committing suicide, so I made this a ministry,” Mayfield said, choking up. “Why I am so broken right is I feel this part of my ministry has come to an end."

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