Video: SUV runs red light, gets hit hard by cross traffic

A video posted to the Duluth Police Department Facebook page is serving as a cautionary tale for drivers who do not follow the law at stop lights.

The video shows an SUV heading north on W. Lawrence Street, waiting to turn left onto Main Street. The driver creeps the SUV into the intersection as the light visibly changes to yellow. The SUV then can be seen turning as the light turns red.

That is when a sedan, heading south along W. Lawrence Street, slams into the rear passenger side of the SUV, causing it to fishtail around, and ends up stopping facing the opposite direction.

The sedan stops in the middle of the street.

Both vehicles show clear damage to where the collision occurred.

"Let us all make sure to follow traffic laws and be extra vigilant while driving to ensure our safety and the safety of others," the post reads in part.

Police say there were no serious injuries.

The driver of the SUV was cited for running the red light.