Drug raid at Chamblee home next pound of THC candy, guns

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Chamblee police released this image showing firearms and narcotics seized during a raid at an undisclosed location and undefined date.  (Chamblee Police Department)

A cache of firearms and narcotics was discovered by police at a Chamblee home during a recent raid. The raid, which also led to the arrest of two people, was posted on the police department’s Facebook page on Monday. 

The operation yielded a substantial quantity of illicit substances and weapons being taken off the streets. Among the items confiscated were 230.3 grams of marijuana and a staggering 47 pounds of THC-infused Nerd candy ropes. Each Nerd rope, weighing about 0.92 ounces, contained 400 milligrams of THC, totaling 863 packages of THC-infused candy. 

In addition to the narcotics, authorities confiscated 11 firearms during the raid, with two of those weapons reported stolen. The seizure of these firearms marks a significant step in the ongoing effort to curb illegal firearms trafficking in the area. 

Two individuals were apprehended and taken into custody in connection with the investigation. The identities of the suspects and further details regarding charges were not immediately disclosed by authorities. 

The location of where the raid happened also has not been released.