Drug houses raided in Peachtree City

Police in Peachtree City said they raided two suspected drug houses this past weekend and seized a large amount of meth and heroin and made several arrests.

A SWAT Team was on the move in the Glen Clarin subdivision of Peachtree City. Police say they had a search warrant, after a year-long undercover investigation that started with numerous complaints from neighbors.

Police say the target of their investigation was a man named John Allen. 

They say when officers breached the door, Allen hid in a bathroom and refused to come out. A police K9 was brought into the home and was used to flush Allen out of a bathroom where they say he was attempting to flush the evidence.

At this home, police arrested 44-year-old John Allen and 35-year-old Kristina Dardo. Both are facing numerous drug charges including trafficking in meth. Dardo is also accused of trafficking in heroin and distribution of cocaine. Allen is also facing gun charges.

Police say this is the second time in a little over a year that they raided the Allens' home.

In a simultaneous raid of a second house, Peachtree City officers made two arrests. Charles Kilpatrick and Yanni Ramlochun were both charged with possession of meth.

This is all part of the same case.