Douglas County funeral home warns grieving families about scammer

The Jones-Wynn Funeral Home in Douglas County is sounding the alarm.

It says a scammer is preying on people grieving by posing as the funeral home.

 "We provide a safe space for families to grieve. We are emotional first responders," said funeral home director, Ellen Wynn McBrayer. "I can't even get in my mind how someone can do something like this."

At least three times within the past month, the funeral home says its customers have reported someone posing as an employee and demanding more money. The scammer claims the new price is to cover liability insurance.

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"We don't call families back for extra money after we initially sit down with them," said Wynn McBrayer.

The funeral home says one family did fall victim to the scam. The Douglas County Sheriff's Department confirms someone ran the same scheme last August.

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Wynn McBrayer says she is hurt this has happened to their business again, and is certain other funeral homes have been targeted.

"My advice would be to call us, like our families did, if you feel uncertain," said Wynn McBrayer. "Ask questions of your trusted funeral director."