FTC: Don't buy fake COVID-19 vaccination cards

Some people want the benefits of being vaccinated for COVID-19 without actually being vaccinated. And that, according to the FTC and other federal agencies, is against the law.

More often now proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for jobs, event or restaurant entry, and for travel.

But instead of getting the covid vaccine, or just passing on an opportunity, some folks are becoming jab dodgers and opting instead to buy faked cards. The Federal Trade Commission, the FBI, and any health department official will tell you that’s against the law.

Three Vermont state troopers are accused of being involved in a fake vaccination card scheme. They are under federal investigation now. In the New York-New Jersey area, two people are accused of selling fake cards for $200 on Instagram and going so far as to allegedly input the information into the health department database.

Here are three things the FTC would like you to know. 

  1. Making, selling, forging, or buying a counterfeit card is illegal. You can be fined or jailed.
  2. A counterfeiter may turn the tables on you and use the information you gave them to steal your identity.
  3. If you’ve been vaccinated and lost your card, reach out to the place that vaccinated you or the health department for a replacement. Don’t make one up.

For some people even just offering a negative COVID test in a timely manner is too much for them, and they are faking that information, too.

Not getting vaccinated because you’re afraid it’s too expensive? Well, it’s free.

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