Dog Survives in Wild for 2 Months

A story of survival with a happy ending! 

"Hank" disappeared into the wilderness and for hours his loved ones searched. They figured, maybe, just maybe someone picked him up. 

"But then you have this worst case scenario where another animal couldn't ate him and its an awful way to die," said owner Tiffany Whitsitt. 

Those terrible thoughts lingered... Hank's owners said not knowing was the worst past. 

Statistics will show you after 30 days it is likely a lost pet will never return. Fortunately there are greater things than statistics. 

After spending two months in the outskirts of Wyoming, a micro-chip implanted in Hank ultimately linked him back up with his family. 

"So the truck pulls up and his head is poking out the window it was just, I don't know, surreal because I didn't think I'd ever see him again," said Whitsitt. 

By all accounts, Hank likely shouldn't be here. 

"You should never completely lose hope, because you can be the family that beats the odds."

Statistically speaking, he's one lucky pup!