Dog injured in Newnan house fire gets help

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A community is honoring the memory of a fallen Coweta County firefighter by helping the victims of the last fire he fought.

Firefighter Michael Norton died within 24 hours after battling the fire on East Cole Street. The cause of his death has still not yet been determined.

WATCH: Community comes together to help victim of fire

The fire left Thomas Talley and his dog Emmet Brown homeless, barely escaping the blaze with their lives. To preserve his memory and honor his sacrifice groups have stepped up to take care of Talley and his dog. Among those stepping in to help are volunteers from Angels Among Us Pet.

“The owner needs a little bit of help with treating his wounds. He has a couple of injuries on his back. Some lacerations that need to be cleaned,” said volunteer Christina Fochitto.

“Nobody really ever prepares for an emergency or tragedy to strike, and so many of us are just living one paycheck away from something like this to happen. We were so glad to be able to step in,” said Joy Kramer.

South Atlanta Veterinary Emergency Services in Fayetteville donated medical care to Emmett Brown.

“Emmett had several lacerations that had gotten a little infected and he had a tough week. And so what he really what he needs is a little more supportive care more than anything, some antibiotics, some pain medicine and hopefully he'll be back right as rain in a couple of weeks,” said Dr. Sarah Wheat.

They were moved to get involved in the name firefighter Michael Norton.

“So, we knew that we had an opportunity to help Emmett and his dad and it was just the right thing to do,” said Dr. Wheat.

Angels Among Us is also donating food for Emmet Brown as well as bedding, toys and treats.

“And gave us an opportunity to honor the memory of the lost firefighter by providing services to the people who were burned out of the home,” said Kramer. “And we are going to deliver that to the gentleman who got burned out and his dog Emmett Brown.”

Firefighter Michael Norton was laid to rest this week. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support for him, his family and the fire department and they are working on a fund to help support his family.

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