'Disgruntled' DoorDash driver accused of crashing vehicle into customer's car over tip

Gerry Poindexter showed us the damage to his car. He says a disgruntled DoorDash driver struck his vehicle.  

The Lithonia man's doorbell surveillance camera captured the moment the woman reportedly crashed her vehicle into his car. Poindexter told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, "Yeah she intentionally struck it."

Poindexter said he and his fiance were attending a pool party when they ordered food to be delivered to their Lithonia residence for their teenaged daughter and her two siblings Sunday night.  

Soon after, the couple said they received profanity-laced text messages from the DoorDash delivery driver.  

"The girl responded back, ‘Next time you want to get something to eat, order something closer if you are not going to leave a bigger tip,’" Poindexter said.  "My girlfriend, she immediately contacted DoorDash and said she didn't want the order."

Somehow the order still went through.  The family's doorbell camera recorded the driver dropping the food off on Poindexter's front porch.  "She pulled off for like 15, 20 minutes", said Poindexter, "Then text my girl and told her she was going to be sitting on the doorstep when she get here."

That's just where Poindexter found her when he pulled up to the house. He says he confronted the woman, demanded to see her driver's license, then ordered her off his property.

"She walked off and then she told us, 'Don't worry. I'll be back,'" said Poindexter. "She got in her car, pulled in the driveway, turned around, drove her car all up the side of my car, top speed. I tried to chase her."

The couple contacted the police and called DoorDash to report the incident. Poindexter said they were left frustrated by the company's response.  

"DoorDash they act like they don't want to get involved with it," he said "I feel like DoorDash they should be held responsible too."

FOX 5 Atlanta contacted the food delivery service about the incident.   

A company spokesman told FOX 5,  "The safety of our community is paramount ... Immediately upon learning of this incident, we investigated and took the appropriate actions based on our user policies. We stand ready to assist law enforcement in their investigation into this matter."  

Poindexter said the whole thing has left a bad taste in his mouth.  

"I'll never use DoorDash again", he said.  

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