Disabled vet says he can't get into long-term care facility during COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on nursing homes across the country. The ripple effect it has had is overwhelming. A Georgia man is trying to find a place for his father, but not many facilities are accepting new patients. Now, this disabled veteran, who is currently in a rehab facility, has no place to go.

Jake McCoury, 86, enjoyed his almost daily visits with his son, Kenny, even though they're through a window at a rehab facility in Bartow County.

Jake is a military veteran. He served in the US Army during the Korean War. He also beat COVID-19 in early March.

"He's actually doing pretty good for to have had COVID, he shouldn't be with us right now," said his son, Kenny McCoury.

But being bedridden for several weeks, his legs got weak and he was sent to rehab. Now, Medicare and insurance have run out and he has to move out. The problem is, there's nowhere for him to go.

"None of the nursing homes are taking veterans with VA contracts now," said Kenny McCoury.

COVID-19 has hit long term facilities across the country hard. Most residents are elderly with underlying conditions. Facilities are on lockdown and most aren't accepting new patients.

"The VA has stepped up to the plate and got him approved for a contracted VA nursing home, they'll pay 100 percent for the nursing home, they pay for rehab, everything, they'll take over.  The lady at the VA has worked tooth and nail, doing all she could but I think about a dozen homes in Georgia are saying we're not taking anybody," said McCoury.

McCoury is even considering facilities out of state.  He says he hopes now that restrictions are easing across Georgia, a room for his dad somewhere will open up so he can get the care he needs.