Dine-in business for restaurants a challenge so far amid coronaviral outbreak

On Fridays, there would be a lunch rush at the midtown Atlanta Moe's Original Barbecue. 

But these are not normal times. The state relaxed rules for restaurants allowing for dine-in service with precautions due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Those changes took effect five days ago. 

Where is the bounce back? It is happening a little bit, says Brian Mancuso, of Moe's.

"We are easing into it," Mancuso said. "Each day,  we see a few more who sit down to eat."

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But there is absolutely nothing wrong with the takeout business. 

And that is the situation at Big Daddy Barbecue. It also has a loyal following and Big Daddy says "our business is steady".

Big Daddy has made some colorful accommodations to separate one table from another. 

All the restaurant owners must show some patience for a city known as an eat-out town. 

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