DFCS discusses future for 'Baby India,' newborn found wrapped in plastic bag in woods

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The director of the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services spoke out for the first time Friday about “Baby India,” the newborn who was found wrapped in a plastic grocery bag in the woods in Forsyth County a couple of weeks ago.

Baby India is now under the care of the state until she has a permanent home. Thousands of people from around the world have offered to adopt her, some from as far as Canada, Europe, and South Africa.

“She loves being sung to and loves being held,” said DFCS Division Director Tom Rawlings.

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Rawlings said they are now working to find Baby India a permanent home.

“I know the sheriff’s office has gotten a ton of calls and we at DFCS have received at least 700, [from] all over, wanting to adopt this cute little baby,” said Rawlings.

The support is overwhelming and unlike anything DFCS has ever seen but the vetting process is still the same.

There are hundreds of children in state custody who are waiting to be adopted but when it comes to adopting a baby some parents have been waiting for years.

“We do have a waiting list of about 200 to 300 families who are already ready and wanting to adopt a child,” said Rawlings.

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DFCS officials will likely find a home for Baby India from that waiting list. And when they do, the legal process will take anywhere from six months to a year before the adoption is complete.

“We try to be fair, it’s a matter of the list. We don’t try to pick and choose. I have no doubt we will be able to find a forever family for this little baby really fast,” said Rawlings.

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But he hopes her story will help other children who are still waiting to be adopted.

“We’ve seen the outpouring of support and love for this child,” said Rawlings. “And it reminds us that, as an agency, we have the opportunity to find the love that these children need.”

About 300 children in Georgia are waiting to be adopted and each one these children is featured on a state website called “It’s My Turn Now.”

“We will work with a family to sort of find the right fit. Often times, these children are older, so we want them to feel comfortable as well,” said Rawlings.

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And while she could potentially help so many other children, little does this child know how many lives she’s already touched.

“What I love about this situation, it reminds me that people really do care about vulnerable children,” said Rawlings.

For more information about adopting, becoming a foster parent or donating to related organizations go to itsmyturnnow.dhs.ga.gov.